Gmail Help & Support | Google Mail Help & Live Support, Contact, Phone

Gmail Help & Support | Google Mail Help & Live Support, Contact, Phone
Gmail Help & Support | Google Mail Help & Live Support, Contact, Phone

Gmail Help / Gmail Support / Google mail help & and Support / Google Mail Contact Phone Number: Gmail is the free email service provider developed by Google, It is moving at a brisk pace in this modern technological world. Developers made it easier to stay updated with the clients or friends. You can reach them using compose mail, This electronic mail has 1 billion users, Gmail was created by Paul Buchheit. WWW.Gmail.COM runs on a user-friendly interface, By 2015, Google extended the Storage up to 15 GB of free storage also you can use added features brought by Google like Google Drive and Google+ photos after accessing to monthly subscription plans. Here in this post, we made detailed information on Gmail help and Support.

If you got struck at any point the best source you can visit is Google Help Center for your e-mail product, This will be available on Gmail Inbox or Google Apps, You will be shooted with online posts and threads related to troubleshoots that cover each and everything on which you are looking for. Gmail emailing feature is available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms.

If you fall into the category who doesn’t have knowledge on creating email account you can read here – Gmail Account Sign in

Gmail Help & Support | Google Mail Help & Live Support, Contact, Phone

Gmail Help & Support | Google Mail Help & Live Support, Contact, Phone
Gmail Help & Support | Google Mail Help & Live Support, Contact, Phone

Here you can get Gmail Questions and Answers, Gmail Frequently Asked Questions?

How to Compose and Send emails using Gmail?

After successfully creating Gmail account, You can send messages and emails using compose feature. On the top left field you will find Compose tap on it, In the field of ‘To’ add recipients, you can add more recipients in the ‘cc’ and ‘bcc’ fields, Now add subject and write your text, Tap on the Send button which is at the bottom of the page.

Google also featured an option to ‘Recall an email with Undo Send’

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Reach to top right corner click on settings,
  • In the ‘Undo Send’ section you will find, Check the box ‘Enable Undo Send’, and at the ‘Send cancellation period’ section change the time to decide if you want to unsend an email.
  • Finally tap on Save Changes located at the bottom of the page.

How to delete Gmail account?

If you are not working with your Gmail account and looking to delete Gmail account, You can easily remove Gmail account, After the deletion of your Gmail address you cannot reuse it in future anywhere, your email will be deleted which is linked with purchases you made on Google Play and your search history.

  • After signing into your Google account go to ‘Account preferences’ page
  • Search for Delete products and click on it, You will be asked for sign into your existing account again for the confirmation
  • Click Next to Gmail and Delete
  • Just go through the steps mentioned in the instructions given on the screen and choose Remove Gmail

Note: If your browsing Gmail offline, Ensure that clear your browser’s cache and cookies for the confirmation to remove Gmail completely.

How to Change Gmail Password?

If you are looking to change Gmail Password and if you are using the same password for other Google products like Gmail, Youtube or you can use this feature when you forgot your password.

  • Go to your Gmail and search for My Account
  • Reach “Sign-in & security” section, select Signing into Google.
  • Enter new password should be unique one and don’t share it with anyone
  • In case if you are using Android 5.1 or higher versions you can do a factory reset and wait for 24 hours after creating a new password
  • For security purposes, account password will be changed within 24 hours.

How to Recover Deleted emails in Gmail Inbox?

Unfortunately, if you deleted Gmail messages or missing or if your email is not coming to your inbox just in case if your inbox is showing empty. Follow this process to recover your emails lost in your inbox.

Try to fix these common errors to claim back all your inbox emails.

  • Check whether your email was archived or deleted or marked as spam
  • Check at filtered emails
  • Find if you forward email to another account
  • Search for Gmail emails with another email client

How to add Two- Step Verification for your Google Account?

If you are looking for adding extra protection to your Gmail account, You need to Turn on 2-Step Verification. In other 2 Step verification is nothing but adding an extra layer of security to your Gmail account.

  • Go to 2- Step Verification page, Before you need to sign in to your Google account
  • Now check the box of ‘2- Step Verification and click on Start Setup
  • Just go through with step-by-step process
  • Now you will be asked for a sign into your account again, You will be redirected to the Settings page, Add the backup phone numbers to reduce the hassle when you are logging in for the second time.
  • You will receive a text message with a verification code, Also you can access the Security Key for 2-Step Verification

How to Sync Contacts to Gmail Account?

  • You can sync contacts with your Apple or Android or Computer. The process will have differed for iPhone and iPad, Android and Computer.
  • It is just like adding Accounts from your app, While in Android your contacts will be automatically synced.
  • On your, Mac Computer open the contacts application go preferences and add accounts and click continue.

Gmail Support Contact / Gmail Support Phone Number

In case you want Any other Technical Support From Gmail team You Can Contact Gmail technical Support team with this Number Call Now: 1-866-224-8319. You can Call Gmail Help Team and solve the problems & Ask any Quires You Required.

Gmail 2 Step Verification Setup |, Login Sign in


Gmail is the most renowned email service used by many people and business organizations in the world, with the growth of user base Gmail possess a great threat of being exploited. Leaving a small hole in security may cause a drastic damage to the whole website and the service. Though it is a free service which doesn’t have to answer any of it’s users for data loss or hijacking problems Gmail took a major step towards security to save it’s user base by adding an extra security layer, 2 Step verification for Gmail accounts.

Google also keep tracking your gmail logins and will report it to user verification in case of any suspicious logins. If you sense anything fishy, of being hacked you must enable the 2 step verification. Before going to see that let us see some types of hacking. So, that you can prevent/guess the level of threat you possess.

There are 2 famous and most used ways to hacks Gmail accounts

1. Phishing
Phishing is the oldest and the most famous way to bluff users and hack their info. So, What is this process and how can you be hacked and what is the threat level?
One evening when I was browsing through all my emails, I found an email stating you got an offer of “90% discount on iPhone” to get access to the offer please click on the link. When I clicked on that it redirected me to a page exactly like gmail login page. I entered wrong credentials still it took me to a fake page of showing some odd offers about iphones and all the other expensive stuff. So, what had happened in the process.

Hackers wanted sent me a phish link or you can call it fake page link (the page which looks exactly like a gmail login page).Since, I know the threat I’ve entered the wrong credentials just in case to confirm. Later, came to know there are phish pages which can actually act like original page, means if you enter wrong credentials you cannot pass the login page it shows error message exactly as gmail login page do, too much realistic right?

What happens when you enter your credentials.

That page is programmed as such to save your data and let you go to another fake offers page which they have promised or lured you to make you click on the link.

What is the prevention?

  • Check for the green lock symbol on the left side of the address bar
    Make sure it is a google link, you may ask what if hackers use google sites for this process.
  • No, they couldn’t google will automatically delete such sites with in no time they are created.
  • Don’t ever try to confirm just by entering wrong credentials, as I’ve stated earlier some phishing pages have validators too.
  • 2 Key logger.

You may receive an email regarding some new movie download or one of your favourite song saying “click here to view/listen the movie or song”. When you click on the link it starts downloading a “.exe” file( asking you to install to see the movie or listen to your song) which is a keylogger, Tracks and records all your key strokes and sends it to the hackers. It can be prevented too by not clicking or at least not running those miscellaneous files.

There is a better step to prevent anyone logging into your gmail account even if they know ur credentials. that is by enabling 2 step verification for your account.

How to enable 2 step verification


This is a historic step towards security authentication by google to preserver user privacy to the core. Which make google authentication just not limited to your credentials if someone have to login into your account they may need your mobile phone too. Here’s how to activate this process of verification.

  1. Login into your gmail account or google account and then go to google account settings by clicking on the setting inside cog on the right side of your page .
  2. Then go to security in the page opened. Once you click on that you can see an option of 2-step verification then click on settings near 2-Step verification.
  3. Start the setup by clicking on the start setup.
  4. You must verify the mobile you have lined to you account. For this Google automatically sends you an OTP which you have to enter in the specified field for confirmation. Make sure you have given your permanent number because the future OTPs to login into Gmail or google account will be sent to this phone number.
  5. Click on next after entering the OTP
  6. Recheck mobile number before you press confirm.
  7. When asked for create new passwords you can create some passwords or simply click on do this later.

Now, everytime you or someone else logs in to your gmail account a OTP will be automatically sent to your mobile phone as an extra layer of security and this code is short lived.